About Us


Quan Initiative is a fast growing Direct Sales and Marketing company within the heart of London specialising in customer acquisition for our growing portfolio of blue-chip clients and partners. With businesses relying more on technology, the human aspect becomes an undervalued commodity, which is why our company’s main focus is on our people and the development of our business in an open and transparent manner.

Following a 3-Step business strategy, our global organization experienced over 100% growth last year, with 2013 set for greater expansion. Rather than achieving results through the use of traditional mass media forms of advertising, we utilise a more pro-active and personalised approach, utilising our experience to help our clients drastically decrease the gap between indirect marketing and the customers’ needs.

As it can be difficult for the average consumer to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and products, we pride on our form of direct marketing which will allow the consumers to be informed and make educated decisions, where the consumer does not feel the pressure of “The Sale,” but rather feels “Fully Informed.”

As opposed to direct mail or telemarketing, our company will develop a rapport with a prospective customer and address their specific needs with the advantage of visual demonstrations and product samples.

Once we fulfil our obligation to our clients by increasing their customer base, revenues will continue to increase due to consumer awareness and repeat business from the new and existing customers.

Our corporate culture is highlighted by strong work ethics, ethical business decisions, positive attitudes, and self-motivation.

As a Direct sales and marketing company we offer our clients two important benefits, which are creating free brand awareness through social media representations as well as producing guaranteed results for their advertising budgets. Having these unique selling points puts us a league above our competitors and has allowed us to expand our portfolio to include multiple clients from various industries. Our strength comes from building lasting relationships with all our stakeholders, associates or clients.

Mission Statement

To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of our partner companies and independent clients of our products, and ensure the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.

Our Vision is to become the largest direct distribution firm in the UK.

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